Personality, Party Leaders, and Election Campaigns

Workshop on the role of personality & candidates in elections

October 14-15, 2016 in St. John’s NL


Public Talks at the Space, Downtown St. John’s

*no registration required! Just come!*

Tacos & Trump Happy Hour (Friday Oct 14th, 5pm)


Professor Kathy Cramer (Wisconsin-Madison) will give a public lecture, entitled “The Politics of Resentment in 2016”

All welcome, tacos available for purchase, bartender on site.

Lunch & Learn Jewish Deli Popup (Saturday October 15th, 12pm)


Professor Kelly Dittmar (Rutgers) will give a public lecture, entitled “It’s Complicated: Gender Dynamics in the 2016 Presidential Election”

All welcome, Jewish Deli will popup on site, lunch available for purchase and bartender on site.



Academic Workshop Program: program

Academic Workshop List of Participants and Papers:

Loes Aaldering (Amsterdam) “Mediatized Leader Effects: How Leadership Images in Dutch Media Affect Voters’ Leader Perception and Voting Behavior”

Amanda Bittner (Memorial) “Party Leaders in Canadian Elections”

Scott Clifford (Houston) “Perceptions of Moral Character are Central to Evaluations of Politicians”

Kathy Cramer (Wisconsin-Madison) “The Politics of Resentment in 2016”

Kelly Dittmar (Rutgers) “It’s Complicated: Gender Dynamics in the 2016 Presidential Elections”

Juliana Fernandes (Miami) “Beauty and Negativity at the Ballot Box: Effects of Negative Political Advertising and Attractiveness on Candidate Evaluation”

Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant (Queen’s), Erin Tolley (Toronto), and Rebecca Wallace (Queen’s) “Racial Affinity Voting in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election”

Kasper Hansen (Copenhagen) “Presidentialization in a Multiparty System”

Danny Hayes (George Washington) “From Weakness to Strength? Leadership, Gender, and the Reframing of Campaign Attacks”

Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz (Illinois) “Implicit Candidate-Trait Associations in Political Campaigns”

Michael Lewis-Beck (Iowa) & Charles Tien (Hunter College – CUNY) “Do Strong Candidates Really Do Better than Weak Candidates? US Presidential Evidence”

Scott Matthews (Memorial) “Negation Framing”

Anthony Mughan (Ohio State) “Types of TV Political Programming and Voter Response: Reinforcement or Change?”

David A.M. Peterson (Iowa State) “The Dynamic Construction of Candidate Image in American Elections”

Monica Schneider (Miami-Ohio) & Angela Bos (Wooster) “Prejudice Against Female Candidates? Testing a Social Role Theory Explanation”

Daniel Stevens (Exeter) “What Drives Media Coverage of Leaders in the Age of Social Media?”

Alexander Todorov (Princeton) “The Influence of First Impressions on Decisions”

*Event sponsored by Memorial University’s Department of Political Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Office of the Provost, the Canadian Opinion Research Archive, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada*