Gender, Media, and Politics Workshop

The Gender and Politics Lab at Memorial U is pleased to announce the a Workshop on Gender, Media, and Politics, organized as a Pre-Conference for the Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association Annual Meetings in Fall 2018.


The workshop features a keynote address by Dr. Sylvia Bashevkin to kick off the workshop, followed by two academic panels featuring new research by Erin Tolley, Meredith Conroy, Erin Cassese, Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Rebecca Wallace, Joanna Everitt, Melanee Thomas, to be discussed by Amanda Bittner and Mirya Holman.

If you are interested in attending, send an email to All are welcome, but there is limited seating.

The workshop will be taking place at the ALT hotel, Friday October 12, 2018. The full program can be found here: APPSA pre-conference.

The Gender and Politics Lab would like to thank the office of the Provost and the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences for support under the Scholarship in the Arts program, as well as the Canadian Opinion Research Archive (CORA) for financial support.

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