Amanda Bittner is an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University. She also directs the Gender and Politics Lab at Memorial.

She studies public opinion and voting, and her broad research interests include the effects of knowledge and information on voter decision-making, as well as the institutional and structural incentives affecting voting behavior in both Canadian and Comparative contexts.

She is currently working on a number of on-going projects in various areas, including:

  • voters’ evaluations of party leaders and the effects of those evaluations on vote choice

  • voters’ attitudes about women in politics

  • the measurement of gender in survey research

  • the role of parenthood in politics

  • voter turnout

  • voters’ attitudes about immigration

  • the impact of political knowledge on vote choice and issue attitudes

Bittner is interested in supervising students in canadian and comparative politics, focusing on parties and elections, public opinion and voting, political psychology, and gender and politics. If this is you, get in touch!